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Sound Baths

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Sound is one of those things that has a constant impact on us but we don’t consciously think about it much. We hear a siren and we feel a particular way; we hear soft wind chimes and we feel another way. We may hear an old song and be transported back to a different time. You hear a baby cry and it tugs at your heart; you hear a baby laugh and it tugs at your heart in a different way. Sound is pervasive. It’s out there; it’s continuous. We don’t think about it because we don’t need to, but it clearly has a constant effect on our mind and body. A Sound Bath from Grounded Meditation brings you different types of sounds- ones that you may not attach a name to, but which can still affect you deeply.

The frequencies from the sounds of the bowls and instruments used in a Sound Bath create a shift in brain waves to bring you from your regular, every day “beta” state into a state of relaxed consciousness known as an “alpha” state or deeper- to a meditative consciousness (“theta”) or even beyond that to “delta” which is a healing state.



  • Increased relaxation

  • Better sleep

  • Improved focus

  • Less stress and anxiety

  • Boosts your mood


Scientific studies prove that sound can lower your blood pressure and your heart rate as well as have an effect on your parasympathetic nervous system. When you attend a Sound Bath, you are literally being bathed in the sounds of crystal and Himalayan bowls, chimes, gongs, drums, bells, Native American flute and more. All you need to do is listen, hear and notice how the sound makes you feel.


Grounded Meditation offers multiple Sound Bath options. Attend one of our Sound Bath events, offered regularly at various locations throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Or gather up your friends and family for the unique experience of a private backyard Sound Bath at your home or chosen location. Corporate sessions are available, at your office or via Zoom. You can also arrange for a virtual or in-person individual or private session. Whatever your preference, contact us and we can customize a healing, relaxing Sound Bath experience to your individual needs!

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Private Sound Baths


Grounded Meditation is happy to offer the unique experience of a Sound Bath in your backyard, place of business, virtually via Zoom or inside your home when temps drop below 60 degrees! You bring the people; we’ll provide the relaxation! We can accommodate up to 100 people virtually; in-person we are limited to as many as can be comfortably socially-distanced in your designated space.

On a personal level, Sound Baths make a memorable addition to birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, or if you just want to host a wellness/self-care event for friends and family!

A Sound Bath is also an excellent choice for a business or corporate event, providing much needed relaxation and stress relief to your busy staff. Either as a mid-day break or after-work experience, Sound Meditation is an excellent way to say “thank you” to those who help keep your organization going.

We can provide any of our Sound events either in-person or via Zoom. Contact us for further information. We are happy to discuss how we can customize any event to your individual needs!

Private Sound Bath
Zen Garden

“What a wonderful, peaceful, and safe space. Was almost a little intimidated to try meditation but I am so happy I did. It was a great experience, no pressure, super easy and very relaxing. Thank you Catherine and Diane.”

Justa B.

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