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About Us

Grounded Meditation is a service that provides both virtual and in-person meditation and sound healing sessions.
You can book private or group sessions for any of the services provided by Diane and Catherine.
They will come to your home, place of business, or other neutral location for your convenience.
Please contact us for more information on our session options.

Grounded Meditation is the culmination of years of work with students from all backgrounds and owner Diane’s realization that what appears to be consistently missing from nearly everybody’s life is the ability to just STOP and be present, alone and peaceful with one’s self, even for short periods of time. Diane’s user-friendly approach to meditation teaches her students to do just that – quiet their minds, embrace the stillness, and enjoy the many benefits of meditation which have been medically proven and scientifically documented.


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~ Buddha


Diane Barnett

Diane is the founder of Grounded Meditation and a successful NYC Real Estate attorney who realized years ago that she needed something to help balance the stress and chaos of her busy and demanding career.  A lifelong interest in health, fitness and spirituality drew her into the world of meditation, yoga, and sound healing, where she found that these peaceful practices served to counteract the constant stress of practicing law.  Her passion for these disciplines, paired with the desire to help others,  has naturally led her to teaching, and she feels honored and blessed to be in a position to help her students find balance and quiet in their own lives.  Diane has been teaching meditation and yoga for about twelve years, as well as offering both private and group sound healing sessions and has been fortunate to students  in both the private and corporate world.


Diane is a graduate of Cornell University and CUNY School of Law, and holds multiple certifications in teaching meditation and yoga, yoga nidra, sound healing, tapping (EFT),  Reiki, and has completed training as a Dancing Mindfulness facilitator. She has taught private and group classes in studios and businesses to people of all ages and levels in New York, Connecticut, and beyond.

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Catherine Barrett

Catherine began her meditation  journey ten years ago and has been committed to it ever since. In her own life, meditation has served as a healthy coping mechanism for everyday stressors, as well as way to discover inner peace through mindfulness. She strongly believes it is one of the most profound forms of self-care and is deeply passionate about guiding each student on their own unique path to developing a practice that suits them.


Seven years ago, Catherine completed her teacher training in the Shamatha style of meditation and began sharing her knowledge of and unique approach to the practice with  students of all ages and levels of experience. She is also a skilled sound healing practitioner for both one-to-one and group sound experiences.


In addition to teaching meditation, Catherine is a  Reiki Master and holds certifications in teaching Pranayama (breath work), sound healing, and Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).  She has lived the majority of her life in Connecticut, where she received a BS in Sociology from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've never meditated before! Is Grounded Meditation right for me?
    Yes! We love introducing beginners to the world of meditation. Most people who are new to the practice are pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy to learn it actually is. And at how good it makes them feel!
  • My life is very busy - kids, work, activities - I don't think I have time to meditate!
    Meditation does not need to be a very time consuming process and the rewards are certainly worth the time commitment! Classes with Grounded Meditation are typically only 30-45 minutes long- and when practiced regularly can help make your busy life more manageable!
  • I have issues with my back and cannot sit cross-legged on the floor. Can I still meditate?
    Absolutely! You are not required to sit in any position that is not comfortable for you. Mediation can be done sitting on a chair, a bench, or even, at times, laying down.
  • I've tried meditating with an app on my phone but I don't feel like it's doing anything for me.
    Meditation apps can be great for some people, but many new and experienced meditators prefer the direction and community of an in-person or virtual live class or . At Grounded Meditation, either virtually or live, there is always an opportunity to discuss questions and concerns with the instructor; something that’s missing when you’re meditating via your phone!
  • I see that Grounded Meditation offers a variety of different meditation session options. How do I know which one to choose?
    The best way to choose would be to try them all. Some people prefer to meditate while just focusing on the breath; some like a word or phrase to focus on; some feel more ‘grounded’ with a visual cue. Find out what works best for you!
  • How often should I meditate?
    Studies have shown that daily mediation can provide you with great benefits, including better sleep, less anxiety, and better focus, among others. Taking classes with Grounded can give you the framework that you can use to meditate at home – or anywhere- when it’s not feasible to attend a class.
  • Can my kids meditate with me?
    Meditation has been proven to be beneficial to people of all ages! We have taught meditation to all groups of kids- from first-graders with special needs, to high-schoolers under stress from exams and college applications. Meditation for young children may not look the same as it does for the more mature, but the benefits are ultimately the same!
  • What should I wear to meditate?
    As the saying goes, ‘Come as you are’! While it’s nice to meditate in comfortable clothing, many people attend classes from work and it’s not necessary to change first.
  • Will I get the same benefit from a virtual meditation class as from an in-person one?
    Yes! It’s all about learning the practice and you don’t need to be in the same physical space as the instructor to do this. Whether in-person or on-line, you just need to have a quiet space and an open mind!
Zen Garden

“What a wonderful, peaceful, and safe space. Was almost a little intimidated to try meditation but I am so happy I did. It was a great experience, no pressure, super easy and very relaxing. Thank you Catherine and Diane.”

Justa B.

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