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Grown in the East African Kilombero Valley amongst rice and banana crops by seven hundred organic farmers. Rich and soft with flavor notes of caramel, cherry and lemon.


8 oz. bag- approximately 10 servings


All Cacao products sold here are Organic, Vegan, GMO-Free, Soy-Free, Sugar-Free, Ethically Sourced and Keto Friendly.


All Cacao products consist of single-sourced organic Cacao Beans unless otherwise indicated.


To prepare your Cacao:

  • Combine 5-15 discs (depending on your taste) with half a cup of hot liquid (water, nut milk or herbal tea)
  • Whisk or blend until dissolved (a hand-held electric milk frother works great for this!)
  • If desired, before mixing, add in sweetener (try maple syrup, raw honey or agave) and any other spice that sounds good to you – try cinnamon, cayenne or cardamom!

Thriving Tanzania Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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